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Services Range

When acting as organizer, Seasonal Activation Group is responsible of all aspects of planning, programming and marketing of the event. We work closely with the space management on aspects of permitting, licensing and promotion.

As an agency, Seasonal Activation Group offers turnkey services to Shopping Malls and developers in organizing a tailor-made, highly immersive and unique Christmas Market experience that drive business and increase footfall during the holiday seasons.



Service Range

To give a general idea of our development and management services here you will find some important aspects to guarantee a successful seasonal highlight:

  • Feasibility study and budget plan
  • Event concept, design and planning
  • Vendors program sourcing, management and merchandising
  • Attractions sourcing and entertainment programming
  • Sponsorship strategies and sourcing
  • Marketing & PR
  • Stalls supply and logistics
  • Health & Safety

Shopping Malls & Developers

Contact: Mark Levy

City Councils & Public Parks

Contact: Martha Gonzales

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